Senate co-chair

Nurses United for Responsible Service

House Chair seat; Director of Freedman Center at William James College

Children's Behavioral Health Advisory Council

Massachusetts Medical Society; OBGYN

National Association of Social Workers - MA

House Chair seat

Every Mother Project; Lived experience with PPD

Representative of commercial health insurers; Harvard Pilgrim

Representative of regionally-based nonprofit 

Representative of commercial health insurers; Health New England

Representative of commercial health insurers

Representative of commercial health insurers; Neighborhood Health Plan

Massachusetts Medical Society; Psychiatrist

Dr. Alison Schonwald

Massachusetts Medical Society; Pediatrician

Massachusetts Medical Society; Family Physician

Massachusetts Medical Society; Child Psychiatrist

Massachusetts Psychological Association

Massachusetts Midwives Association

Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners

Massachusetts Association of Health Plans

Massachusetts Division of Insurance

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care

Massachusetts Department of Children and Families

House chair seat

Senate chair seat

Senate minority member

House minority member

House member

House member


Commission Director

Legislative Aide

Past Commissioners & Staff

Commission Director

Representative Ellen Story

House Co-chair

Commission Director

This website is the official website of The Massachusetts Ellen Story Commission on Postpartum Depression.  This website is maintained by the Office of State Representative James J. O'Day and has not been paid for at taxpayer expense.

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