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Nneka Hall

Nneka Hall is the mother of four.  She is a whole woman advocate who provides in person and virtual support to women through any life phase.  

Nneka is a Maternal /Fetal Health Advocate with a primary focus on infant and maternal mortality within the African American Community.  In 2014 she founded Quietly United in Loss Together (QUILT) Campaign which is a Pregnancy And Infant Loss Awareness campaign designed to raise awareness of all types of loss from conception through a child's first two years of life, teach healthy fertility through womb health education, provide support to families who suffer these losses and provide support for memory programs so they won't close due to inability to afford supplies.


Following the stillbirth of her daughter in August 2010, Nneka sought ways to aid others in having a positive birth outcome.  She stumbled across the doula profession and needed to learn more.  She is a full spectrum doula, holding certifications as a fertility, birth, bereavement, postpartum, menopause and end of life doula. She is a certified International Bereavement Specialist, a Community Centered Herbalist, Womb Health Specialist,  Childbirth Educator, and Crystal Healer.


June 2016 Nneka had the pleasure of being selected due to her work in the pregnancy and infant loss community to participate in the US of Women's Summit as a Nominated Change Maker which was hosted by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.


January 2019 The This Is My Brave Short Documentary premiered and Nneka stepped way outside of her comfort zone by being one of the people featured.


March 2019 she received an Advocate of the Year Award from The Boston Public Health Commission’s Community Action Network.


May 2019 was a fruitful one for Nneka.  She spoke about Black Maternal / Fetal Health at Harvard Medical School’s Leadership and Development Program Conference, Postpartum Depression at the Massachusetts State House for Postpartum Depression Day hosted by the Ellen Story Postpartum Depression Commission and the Massachusetts Medical Society’s PQIN Summit.  


June 2019, Nneka received an invitation to join the Ellen’s Story Postpartum Depression Commission as a new Commissioner.


July 2019 she won Star Legacy’s Advocate of the Year Award.


December 2019 Union Capital Boston’s Community Advocate of the Year award recipient.


February 2020  Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley’s guest at the State of the Union, and the recipient of the Brinklow Humanitarian Microgrant.


Nneka is a member of Vital Village, Boston’s Community Action Network, Boston’s Breastfeeding Coalition, Partners in Contraceptive Choice and Knowledge Advisory Board Member, This Is My Brave and more!

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